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Startup Development Team
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The Platform

BMCA provides an industry leading technology platform to streamline communication, onboarding, and daily accounting functions. Using this tool means we can spend more time focused on making the best strategic decisions with you for your business.


Meet Alex, and learn about the benefits of the new BMCA Platform.

1 Min.

How do I get started?

Have you received your invite yet? We'll walk you through how to get access to the new platform.

Don't have access? Please email us at

1 Min.

Alright I'm in, now what?

Once we log in, let's take a look at the Home screen, dashboards, and file sharing features.

3.5 min.

Communication Features

The next items for review are primarily focused on communication. 

Discussions, Events, Notes, Tasks, and Calendar are all features we'll touch on here.

2.5 min.

Security and Data Access

Finally, let us take a look at your new password manager, and secure account connections 

2.5 min.

Closing & Support Access

Closing statements and support access.

1 Min.

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