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Meet Your New

Cloud Accounting Team

With over 100+ Years of Combined Cloud Accounting Experience,

 “Yes, We Can Do That!”

Our Expert Team of Virtual Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financial Advisory, Payroll, HR and CFO Pros are Ready to Seamlessly Integrate with your Business. 

Mahmoud Al-Arabi


Alex Allen

VP of Client Services

Junior Chaperon

VP of Controller Services

Skip D'Orazio

Fractional CFO

Matt Elson

CEO & Cofounder

Sharrin Fuller

President & Cofounder

Anastasia Halpin

Assistant Controller

Shelby Howell

Accounting Assistant

Nancy Lor

Assistant Controller

Monica Perez 

Director of People & Talent

Joel Harrison


Ed Rebilly

Corporate Development Analyst

Casey Scarpato

Client Success Intern