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Human Integration vs Technology and AI Integration?

Human Integration vs Technology and AI Integration?

Which is the better option?

Do I have the time and skillset to integrate new systems and software into my existing business?

If I choose technology, how do I know that it is doing what it is supposed to?

BMCA provides a human and AI hybrid approach to being your part time CFO
AI & Human approach

Human integration requires integrating employees into the structure of our business where they can perform at a high level.

Technology Integration requires defining and executing against ever-evolving metrics for your business.

So the question is, do I replace my accounting team with accounting software and AI?

There are demos, trials, reviews…all are time-consuming. This laborious process still requires an actual human being to commit to learning new software...

Are you equipped with the right team in place to bring on this workload?

Most startups and small businesses do not have the budget, timetable, and/or manpower to enact an entirely automated financial process.

BMCA has created a hybrid approach to fill that void.

Our team leverages best-in-class technology that automates several manual tasks while freeing them up to focus on more pressing matters for your business. Our Advisory and Accounting Specialists are not spending time on tedious busy work but rather spend their time working alongside you to grow your business.

The Hybrid Approach is the only approach we use at BMCA.

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