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Do your customers know you care?

This is a message to all the leaders out there. The C-level execs, Founders, Presidents.

Do your top clients know you care?

I bet I know what many of you are going to say.

"Of course they know we care, we have the best Customer Team in our industry!"

Well, that is great, a monumental accomplishment that took a lot of effort I'm sure, but is it enough? For those top X% clients, the ones that if your customer-facing team stated were at risk it would give you that awful pit in your stomach. The ones that have the potential to substantially impact your financials (positive or negative). I ask again, is it enough?

It doesn't matter your stage or size, it doesn't matter if you have a customer success team or it's just you. In this busy, remote-first world that we live in, it's more important than ever to make sure you have a pulse on the high-value client experience, and also your top client manager's experience as well.

This is a reminder, take the time to reach out, maybe send a gift with a handwritten card, maybe just a direct email asking for feedback.

The value you will receive, positive or negative, will be absolutely invaluable.

Product or service feedback, kudos that you can personally share with your team, finding out one of your most valuable clients isn't responding well to your most valuable employee which could put BOTH OF THEM at risk, all of these are real-world examples that I've personally experienced. Getting in front of any of these things will help you get a closer pulse on your organization AND reduce chances of surprise churn.

I implore you to block some time on your calendar today to connect with your clients and remind them why they chose your brand in the first place because the client first attitude comes from the top!

I'd love to hear the impact this exercise has on you and your organization.

- Alex Allen

VP of Client Success, Benchmark Cloud Accounting

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