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Benchmark Cloud Accounting, Inc

Sharrin Fuller - President

Accounting and Financial Services

11-50 Employees

Austin, TX

ADP Pay-by-Pay Program

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Simplifying payroll and workers’ compensation

Benchmark Cloud Accounting, Inc is a full-service accounting and financial services firm based in Austin, TX that concentrates on developing and maintaining strong client relations, while providing customized service plans based on the specific needs of each company. Their specialty is working with venture capital start-ups, typically in the San Francisco Bay Area. Partnering with ADP for payroll and Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency, Inc. (ADPIA), for workers’ compensation insurance been beneficial to BMCA. Sharrin Fuller, President, Shares her thoughts and experiences partnering with ADP and ADPIA.

On the value of ADP and Pay-By-Pay

When onboarding a new client, one of the first things I do is examine how they are running payroll. If they are not using ADP, I immediately suggest they move to ADP to benefit from enhanced service and support. With ADP, my clients are not only getting a more robust platform for their payroll, but also a far superior support team. We also recommend clients utilize ADP Pay-By-Pay®, a premium payment solution for workers’ compensation. It has significantly reduced administrative burdens that helps keep me, and my clients, very happy. I have my clients set up on Pay-by-Pay – and it’s been great.

A client’s premiums are adjusted using their real-time payroll data. At the end of the policy, there’s minimal concern if the client owes more premium at the client’s year-end audit. In my experience this minimizes the need to enter any accruals or journal entries. With Pay-By-Pay, everything is already in the platform, the reporting is accurate, and I don’t have to worry about providing additional information.

My clients obtain their workers’ compensation from ADP’s Licensed affiliate, ADPIA. With the Pay-by-Pay solution, integration is seamless and even the renewal process is easy. Everything about using Pay-by-Pay has helped me reduce administrative tasks and focus more on being consultative with my clients. Many of my clients are rapidly growing, adding employees and dealing with the complexities of growth. Our partnership with ADP and ADPIA allows me to focus on heling manage their growth and getting them where they need to be.

My Service Experience

I’m confident the workers’ compensation insurance for my clients is being handled correctly the first time, every time. That level of support provides peace of mind. I’m not an insurance agent, and I don’t want to be an insurance agent. I trust ADPIA to be on top of things and get them done quickly.

Advice to Others

I am constantly multitasking and juggling a lot at once. There is not a lot of time to call a help desk, sit on the phone and speak with different reps each time. Working with ADP and ADPIA makes it easy for me. I am set up with a dedicated team that I can speak with directly that handles things for me. This gives me the confidence to know its’s not only going to get done quickly, but correctly. Having that trusted and dependable support is an invaluable asset to me, my business, and ultimately my client’s business.

All insurance products will be offered and sold only through Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency, Inc., (ADPIA its licensed agents or its licensed insurance partners. One ADP Blvd. Roseland, NJ 07068. CA license #0D04044. Licensed in 50 states. Certain services may not be available in all states. ADPIA is an affiliate of ADP, LLC.

This information covers only the offering of ADP’s Pay-by-Pay Premium Payment Program for workers’ compensation, a payroll enhancement feature of ADP’s payroll processing services and does not involve the offer or sale of any insurance product. Clients MUST be using ADP’s tax filing service to take advantage of ADP’s Pay-by-Pay Premium Payment Program.

ADP, the ADP logo, ADPIA, Pay-By-Pay and Always Designing for People are trademarks of ADP, LLC. Copyright© 2019 ADP, LLC. All rights reserved.

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