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Are You Wearing Pants Today?

Can this be done virtually?

Can this work be automated?


Does this require me to shovel the driveway and leave my warm house?

Do I need to wear pants?


It is indeed a weird time when some of the more pressing business questions we have involve putting on actual pants for the work day. *Disclaimer, I am wearing yoga pants currently.

Not all businesses fall into the clothing optional category but for accounting and financial services this is truly the question of the day.

Zoom camera on? – Zoom camera off?

Not only has Covid-19 shown us the capabilities of the Cloud but it has put into perspective the trajectory of all business moving forward.

If it can be done in the Cloud or over a Zoom call then why go back to the time consuming and waste creating business practices of the past?

For some industries this is not a viable option. However, in the financial and accounting space this is not only the best option for the client but it is also the best option for the environment.

We don’t have to make our carbon footprint larger by keeping the status quo of the pre-COVID-19 business world. Plus, the only type of people that enjoy sitting in rush hour traffic are psychopaths.

Now, not to say that human interaction isn’t important. It is vital to our mental health and life is boring being alone all the time. But at the end of the day business interactions that can be done virtually or even automated make all of us safer and more environmentally responsible.

Spend your social time with friends, family, and your four-legged buddies.

  • At least that’s what we are doing at Benchmark Cloud Accounting!

We are really friendly and social; just from a distance!

Sharrin Fuller – President

Mac Money under my desk!
Mac Money under my desk!

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