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Conversation Between Colleagues


BMCA provides advisory, controller, and critical thinking accounting services using best-in-class technology.

How long is setup?

Setup depends on many factors.  We can get moving right away once you give us access to your accounting software and any other platforms we may need.


What Documents do you need to get started?

We will need access to your accounting software, your cloud-based files (drop box, GDrive, Box) if applicable, Banking, Payroll, HR folders.  It varies depending on what services we are providing.  We give you a full list upon engagement.


Will A BMCA work with my CPA at tax time?

Of course!  Our whole goal is to ensure your financials are in order for a swift filing at end of year.  We close your books at the end of every month, so a year end close does not add much time!  If you do not have a current CPA, no worries we have experienced CPA’s on our team to pair you up with.


Do you offer full-service payroll processing?

We will handle all of your payroll needs, but with the use of a 3rd party payroll provider.  Payroll and tax filing are such a sensitive issue.  It is best to pay the small fee to the 3rd party provider and let them handle those filings.  Don’t worry, we’ll do all the leg work up to that point!


I am a startup and little to no accounting knowledge; can you help me?

Absolutely!  We can handle every step of the process or just the pieces you don’t want to.  We will also teach you how to read your financial statements so you have full visibility into your business as you grow.


How will my company’s sensitive data/information be secured?

We take security very seriously!  We prefer to use Drop Box to store all cloud documents.  This allows us to control which employees can access your folders.  We also use LastPass to secure our passwords and sensitive information.


Communication- what is the preferred method of contact?

If a call is needed to discuss any matter, that is fine.  But we do prefer all requests/deliverables to be in email.  Not because we don’t want to hear your voice, but we prefer to have a communication train we can look back on.  It makes it easier for all of us in the long run.


Communication- what is the expected turnaround time on inquiries?

When we work with you, we like to interact as one of your own internal team members.  Unless we are on a call or in a meeting, we tend to get back to you ASAP!  We don’t want to keep you waiting.  Turnaround on tasks varies on the scope of the work. We will ask you for your hard deadline and let you know if that can be met.


How does pricing work?

We like to analyze your business needs and give you an idea of the time it will take.  From there, we prefer to charge hourly for the first 3 months of service, then move to a monthly retainer after all clean-up is done. 90 days is pretty standard to gauge the scope of work moving forward.


What are the benefits of outsourcing the Finance & Accounting functions of my company?

Save money on payroll and free up office space. Our services are catered to your needs. We will supply a single professional or full team depending on your business needs and budget. Outsourcing your finance and accounting team saves you money on payroll, taxes, and benefits that would have otherwise been used for in house accounting. The money saved is an investment in your core business.


Do you offer part-time or full-time service?

Our Services are catered to fit your specific needs. Whether you need a full Finance and accounting team or a single part time individual, we can help. Start with the amount of service your business needs, and scale your services as needed.


Does BMCA Outsource to other countries or use contractors?

The short answer is NO. Our entire company is comprised of salaried employees who operate and live in the United States.  We vet, background check, and certify all of our team members. You can rest assured that your information stays in the US and is secure.

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