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Clean Up

The health of your business is directly reflected by the state of your books. Think of it as a checkup. You wouldn’t trust your health to just anybody. At BMCA we take clean-up seriously. Unkempt and complicated books are what can be the difference between a business’ failure or success.  

Clean-Up as a Holistic Approach

Clean-up is specific to each business and has to be looked at from a holistic perspective. 


If your books have not been set up; or if you have historic clean-up there will be different processes.   Clearing backlogs of un-posted historic transactions, correction of existing miscoded GL entries, wrongly booked income, etc., each has a different course of action. The list of possible tasks is endless which is why having an experienced team tackle clean-up is so important.

Not only do we clean-up your books, but we also set you up for success by establishing the correct way for you to manage your business moving forward.  

One-Time or Recurring

​As with all of our services BMCA keeps you in control. Clean-Up can be a one-time occurrence or recurring service. Clients that prefer to do their own bookkeeping and accounting still want the assurance of its accuracy and know they can use our clean-up services on an As-Needed Basis.  

Business Meeting

Our financial experts are here to help you figure out how to build the best accounting team for your business.

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